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Development and Operations (DevOps) is an ample competency approach of an enterprise achieving continuous software delivery offered by Dream Box in Process Layer. DevOps can be implemented in any software-driven innovations including Cloud, Enterprise Systems and Mobile. This strategy emphasizes on communication, collaboration and integration between Operations experts and development teams together.

DevOps motto is to improve IT service delivery agility by applying lean and agile principles across the software delivery life cycle. DevOps emphasizes on communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations. Participants include from Business Owners till end users involving architects, developers, testers, IT operations and production.

Benefits of DevOps in Dream Box include

   Business Agility
   Control on SDE
   Continuous software delivery
   Reduced complexity
   Risk mitigation
   Swift resolution of bugs
   Stable operating environments
   Maximize predictability, efficiency, security and     maintainability of operational processes