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   What is the concept of SDE in a box?

Internally installed tools can be deployed in a Virtual Machine (VM), instead of a separate physical machine. A Physical system can be split into multiple VMs. All the relevant tools can be installed on multiple VMs and entire solution can be presented as a single box.

   Can we combine multiple services in a single VM?

Yes, one can install all the SDE tools in a single physical box or a VM. However it is a good idea to spread them into multiple VMs. It is not necessary to install each service in a different VM. This is where RTI can provide their expertise in split and install the tools into optimal set of VMs. There are many parameters that are considered in setting up an SDE.

   Why do I need RTI services?

RTI has a rich experience in providing these environments. All the tools are well documented by vendor/ developer. One can spend time and resources to set up this environment on their own. It is something like DIY vs hiring professional services. The tangible advantage of RTI is it not only delivers the environment, it also provides long term support based on Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) by signing Service Level Agreements (SLA's).

   What does RTI owns in the box?

RTI works with its clients in identifying a suitable hardware for their SDE needs. RTI doesn't own any of the tools and/or its licenses. It only installs the tools identified, sleeted and approved by the client. RTI owns some libraries / utilities / tools developed as a part of integration of these tools. Such libraries are owned by RTI.

   Can RTI provide AMC / SLA?

RTI encourages its client's to sign an Annual Maintenance Contracts. The cost of such AMC's depends on SLA that it tries to support. The cost structure is provided separately.

   What are the RTI charges for?

RTI charges for its services. Client can procure their own hardware and suite of tools for SDE. RTI charges are for installing, configuring and integrating these tools. Client is responsible for all licenses and Copyright validations. TOP