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How it Works?
Dream box is a unique service offering most essential and efficient software delivery services supporting all phases of Development and Operations. The concept is designed and built incorporating and integrating Virtual Machine Stack, Functional Tools stack, IDE, Processes and Reports in a single box. The complete box is a single solution for small, medium and large enterprises.

How to design a Dream Box:

1. Customer requirements are analysed and decisions on the services, tools, SDE, delivery processes, operations and reports are made.
2. Virtual Machines are installed and configured, each representing the type of service offered
3. Tools are selected based on requirements as well as RTI selection criteria
4. All functional tools are placed in Tool stack layer and are integrated
5. An integrated SDE framework is offered using API, CLI, REST etc...
6. With tools and services already integrated, Software delivery process along with operations support is offered
7. Dashboard comprise reports available to users and stake holders

Irrespective of comprising numerous features, working with Dream box is as easier as it is for accessing any software application/ tool. The Development team or the Operations team just logins into the box, and performs all activities in a single system based on their role without any intervention or information on the location, installation, configuration and integration of tools and services. The team performs complete software development and operational activities in a single system allowing effortless interaction with each other on the same platform.

SSO (Single Sign On) is provided by the box for a single login accompanied by seamless collaboration. SSO further depends on the type of tools chosen by the enterprise. Reports can be accessed from the box or from the cloud by users and stakeholders using SSO.

Dream box offers VPN service to enable and simplify secured remote access for customers.

Team can access external tools through Cloud service using REST API. These are integrated with the tools provided in the box. Reports are represented in various formats such as Pie charts, Lists, Graphs on dashboard.

Complete database is placed outside the box along with the tools. Administrator/Tool smith has complete knowledge on the database, configuration and integrations. RTI offers this service for Dream Box maintenance.

Tools health is another service provide by RTI to regularly monitor their health.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery are one of the most important functions of the box. Data loss is prevented by regular maintenance of duplicate Dream box located at completely different location. TOP