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Integration & Technologies
Integration costs time, money and other resources. With increasing complexity in software components, the cost of integration increases. Also, with increasing number of components, the number of integration points increases exponentially. In larger organizations, this model is ever more complex as the number of software components tends to be in the hundreds, if not thousands.

Dream Box provides integration of all functional tools located in Tool Stack layer. Integration is also implemented to create Software Development Environment. External Tools residing in cloud can be integrated with existing tools to provide efficient DevOps.

Tool functional areas

   Software Development Environment (SDE) tools
   SDE support
   Infrastructure support, Monitoring and maintenance
   Plug-N-Play model to replace a tool with a better-enhanced functionality.
   Backup, Disaster Recovery (BDR) and High Availability (HA) functionality.
   Tuples the tools based on the cost
           FSF/GNU licensed tool stack
           Cost effective stack
           Industry standard / high end suites