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Service Layers

VM Layer

This is the bottom most layer, Layer 1 in Dream box also known as Hardware Layer. The layer comprises Virtual Machines Stack (VM Stack). A specified space in the box is sliced into multiple partitions which are accommodated with Virtual Machines. Each Virtual Machine performs like a physical server for users. Multiple Operating Systems and applications can be run on one host at same time. A thin layer of software is used to create and run multiple virtual machines on a single host system dynamically allocating computing resources to the VMs.

This architecture delivers:
    Multiple applications on a single server
    Maximum server utilization
    Minimum server count
    Faster, easier, application and resource provisioning

Each Virtual Machine is completely separate and independent, running simultaneously on a single computer. Dream Box provides multiple Virtual Machines from various vendors offering different services such as IIS, SQL Server, MySQL, Apache etc. as per customer requirements.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery is one of the many advantages offered in VM Layer. Roshi Tech works with different vendors as per the requirements to solve failures. Entire data is duplicated and is maintained in sync with Dream Box. The backup is located far from the Main Server. This service is used to recover applications or programs to service in any location other than the primary processing location. Disaster recovery system is provided in an external cloud.

Database related to all the tools, applications or services running in the Dream Box are maintained out of the Box by Roshi Tech as an additional service. TOP