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Reports are customizable depending on the services, tools, applications and processes integrated in the Dream Box. Listed below are few sample reports for various roles.

Developer's reports

1. What functionality did I cover
2. How many tasks are complete?
3. How much time is spent on a task?
4. Does UNIT test case cover entire code?
5. How many bugs are found in my code?

QA reports

1. Do I have a test plan for all the requirements
2. Do I have a test case covering each requirement?
3. Do I have a test case covering each of the developers task?
4. What test cases are executed?
5. How many tests are passed / failed?
6. How long a specific test case is failing?
7. What is the frequency of a test case failing?
8. What percentage of a system test plan is covered?

Analyst Reports

1. Do I have requirements for each of the functional area?
2. Do I have a test plan/test case for each of my requirement?
3. Which requirements are coded/ developed?
4. How many bugs reported?
5. How many bugs are Open Vs. Closed Vs Verified?


1. Am I ready to ship my deliverable / Release?
2. How long does it take to deliver a Release?
3. Resource utilization
4. Cost of a Release?
5. Cost of a specific functionality
6. Impact of a change
7. TraceabilityTOP